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Let's Celebrate Lavender!

I just got back from "The US Lavender Conference" in Charleston, SC where all things Lavender were featured, discussed and celebrated!! This useful herb which is in the mint family is my focus this year as I travel the country. I hope to visit as many lavender farms as possible. Lavender is much more than a relaxing scent or linen protector -- it actually can improve your overall health! It is antiseptic, cleansing, relaxing and boosts circulation. Bees also love it so growing a few plants in your yard helps them out too. Lavender is super easy to grow just keep in mind a few things: * Good drainage * Full sun * Don't overwater * Prune in the Fall I love a lavender bath in the evenin

Bath Mix Envelopes

You may not always want to put your bath salts, mixes and other dry beauty products in jars and an easy thing to do is to make your own "Envelopes" out of recycled paper such as heavy Magazine pages, wrapping paper or greeting cards. This is simple to do and a great "zero waste" activity that even kids can do. Simply trace an envelope pattern onto a piece of paper. Fold, glue and fill with your favorite bath mixture. I like to put 1/2 of bath salts into mine as then you can just pour the whole thing into the tub. These packets are perfect for gift giving, travel and having on hand in your own bathroom in a small basket or box. Just make sure you keep them in a dry spot as they are made

Happy 2019 - 3 Things

Happy New Year -- This year instead of writing a long list of goals I am going to focus on 3 simple things I can do each month. Here are the January 3 : 1. Drink water right when I wake up. 2. Wear my sneakers everyday all month. 3. Use an all natural body scrub once a week for clean, fresh, healthy skin. Here is a recipe for one using champagne from New Year's Eve. Feel free to experiment with herbal teas and fruit juices in place of the sparkling wine in the recipe. Happy New Year! You are beautiful, Janice

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