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Hello - Practice selfcare

Hello – I hope you are all home, safe and comfortable. I am here in Oregon and really not sure what to think about the world right now. I am thankful for simple daily activities that are keeping me balanced and busy. Simple self-care activities such as face washing or taking a bath are now moments of peace and calm. I am embracing The Mother Earth Living Magazine mission of being self sufficient, healthy and learning new skills. I have even found myself going through back issues. Remember the pollinator garden, Jessica Walliser showed us all last year in an old garbage can? Well mine has become more of an herb garden but I love the idea of reusing containers and creating garden spaces

Plants make you beautiful!

I am back from an amazing week at The Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. If you missed it this year you will want to mark your calendars for next year the dates are Feb 17-21. It is the largest flower shows on the west coast and the only one with not only over the top displays but also educational seminars included. I am still processing all of the inspiring ideas!!! This year there was a new group that was part of the show, Fleurs de Villes who teamed up with local floral designers to create these over the top floral mannequins. I spoke at the show on Lavender and "The beauty of Herbs" and loved meeting everyone. I totally appreciate everyone who came to my talks and suppor

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