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Natural Beauty with Rubus

Rubus is the Herb of the year for 2020 !! It is also one of my favorite summer plants. Rubus is the name given to a genus of flowering plants in the rose family. The most common ones (which I love) are Raspberries and blackberries. I live in the Pacific Northwest where summer berry picking is a tradition. We all have our favorite "berry spot" and the number one rule is you never tell where it is. This is actually more of a joke but there is a little bit of truth in it as these spots are usually in the woods or along country roads. Mine is in my backyard where the plants also act as a "natural barbed wire" protecting my property. Berries are also useful natural beauty ingredients. They ar

Save your Avocado Stones!

Don't discard the avocado pit or "stone" when cooking in your kitchen. It is rich in the same conditioning ingredient and oils that the fruit contains, and is helpful in removing dead, flaky skin from your body. Simply smash or rind u p the fresh stones to use them on their own, or add them to your favorite cleanser for an invigorating all-over body scrub. Directions: Place the cleaned avocado stones inside a clean washcloth or plastic bag. With a small hammer or mallet, crush the stones into pieces about the size or peas. Spread the crushed stones out on a clean plate or cookie sheet, and allow to dry for a few days. They'll turn a reddish-pink color. When dry, grind the stones into a

Herb Society of America Webinar

I am so happy you all are loving my new workbook "Beautiful Lavender." The world definitely needs more Lavender!!! I will be giving a webinar for The Herb Society of America on Tuesday, July 21 at 1pm EDT. Click Here to Register. It is free to members and $5 for non-members. If you have not heard of the Herb Society of America it is a wonderful group full of fellow herb and plant lovers and their website has a lot of useful information, recipes and ideas for using herbs in your life. I am a member and it has been a positive community to be a part of. If you would like to know more about it. You can message me directly or go to the HSA website at www.herbsociety.org There are also loc

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