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Making Lavender Sachets

One of my favorite herbal crafts is making lavender sachets. It is creative and relaxing and makes wonderful gifts from your garden. I dry my lavender buds after cutting from my garden beds. You can also purchase dried buds for crafting at local lavender farms or online herb sources. You can make your sachets any shape or size mine are simple small squares. Choose fabric that makes you happy or recycle favorite used clothing or vintage linens. Here are the simple directions and materials: DIY Lavender Sachet 2 - 5 inch squares of natural fabric such as cotton 1 /4 cup dried lavender buds needle and thread - sewing machine With right sides together. Stitch three sides of your fabric sq

Natural Beauty with Sunflowers

One of my favorite summer flowers and garden beauty ingredients is Sunflowers. This bright tall blooms just make you happy to look at! We should all be like a sunflower: Stand Tall, Enjoy the Sun and Make people happy! When it comes to natural beauty the sunflower is super useful as all parts of the plant can be used. The yellow petals can be used to create skin toners and hair rinses, the seeds are rich in natural oils and finely ground can be added to bath mixes or used as a gentle skin scrub. The natural oil pressed from these seeds is easily found at most grocery stores and helps soothe and moisturize your skin. I have heard of some small farms pressing their own oil as this is no

Take a Bath!

Treating yourself to a warm relaxing bath is one of the ultimate self care acts. Soaking in a warm tub relaxes both your muscles and your mind. But there are also some dos and don'ts to getting the best out of your soak. Here are some of my tips: Temperature: The ultimate bath temperature is just above body temperature. Too hot and it will zap your energy and also dry out your skin. Time: You hear about people soaking in their tubs for hours but in reality this is just not good for your body or your skin. A 20 minute soak is ideal but do not exceed 40 minutes. Any longer than that and you may un-do all the good of your bath. Shaving: Many people shave in the tub and this is a persona

DIY Eye Masks and Eye Care

Soothing and treating your eyes with DIY eye masks is one of the easiest things to do using all natural at home ingredients and materials. I get a lot of questions from readers about eye care and natural treatments. Here are some simple tips and recipes: Puffiness: Under eye puffins can be caused by a variety of reasons: diet, allergies, or extra fluid in your system. To treat morning puffiness follow these simple steps: Splash your face with very cold water. With a very light touch tap gently around your eyes to encourage fluids to move away from the eye area. Place a cold compress such as cucumber slices, tea bags, witch hazel pads or potato slices under your eyes and relax for 10-15

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