Janice Cox 


March 21, 2019

Happy Spring!  I love this time of year when things start to turn green and I can plant things in the ground.  I had a lovely start to this new season as was invited to attend a meeting of The Rogue River Garden Club, in Rogue River Oregon.  If you have ever visited th...

March 15, 2019

Dandelions are some of the first spring flowers to appear. They are a useful beauty ingredient added to the bath or used as a hair rinse. The jagged green leaves can be infused in oil to fade age spots and freckles.  Here is a simple recipe to try at home: 


March 8, 2019

Cold cream is the model for all creams and lotions; it's one of the oldest and best known of all beauty creams.  It is a mixture of oil, wax, water and mild alkali.  The combination of oil and wax provides a cleansing action when it comes in contact with your skin. It...

March 1, 2019

Fabric bath bags are simple to create and just as easy to use.  I like them when I don't want to use jars and they also create a fragrant and soothing bath with out any mess.  (They are like a big "tea bag" for the tub.)   Here is how I make them and you can use any na...

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