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Natural Beauty for All Seasons 2nd edition

Natural Beauty for All Seasons 2nd edition


 Janice Cox offers readers more than two hundred recipes for body, bath, and hair care, with an eye toward special beauty needs and ingredient availability in each of the four seasons.

Seasons change and your skin care routine can, too. Not one of the recipes calls for any more skill than being able to boil water. And an introductory section reveals what equipment is necessary and where needed ingredients can easily be found.

Start your year off right with the New Year s Champagne Scrub and the Sweet Orange Yoga Spray. As the winter months fade and flowers start to bloom, use the Mint Julep Toner or the Flower Petal Steam Facial. When the summer nights grow longer, try out the Farmers Market Facials or beat the heat with Swimming Pool Hair Care. And as leaves start to fall, enjoy the Cranberry Juice Astringent or the Weekend Warrior Massage Oil. These recipes are just a few packed into this indispensable book that will leave your skin rejuvenated for whatever the seasons bring.

Other recipes include:

  • Pine Nut Scrub</
  • Honey Mead Astringent
  • Winter Hair Conditioner
  • French Clay Nail Polish
  • Lilac Skin Toner
  • Coconut Cuticle Cream
  • Papaya Anti-Wrinkle Facial
  • And more!
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