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DIY Natural Beauty Valentines

Share some love and natural beauty this Valentine's day with DIY body care products. They are easy to create and I have the recipes for you! Here are two super simple ones that you can make at home using easy to find ingredients -- Happy LOVE day!!! (Oh and you will want to make a few extras for yourself too - Everybody deserves love and self care.)

Valentine Bath Bombs

Use a heart shaped muffin tin or mold for instant holiday theme or you can also pick up a round bath bomb mold at a local craft store (I found one at Target in that dollar section) Citric acid is used in candy making and you can find at some grocery stores or order online.

1 cup baking soda

1 cup citric acid powder

1 /2 cup cornstarch

1 /4 cup epsom salts

1 /2 coconut oil, melted

dried herbs -- I like to use lavender and rose for valentines

In a large bowl mix together all the dry ingredients. Slowly add the melted coconut oil and stir well, until the mixture looks like wet sand. You can mix in the dried herbs and flowers or I like to just sprinkle them in the mold before adding the bath bomb mixture so they appear on the outside and add a bit of decoration. Pack the mixture into your muffin tins or molds. Let sit for a few hours then un-mold and place on a plate or cookie sheet and let harden overnight. To use: Drop in a warm tub of water and enjoy!

yield: 16 ounces, 4-6 bath bombs depending on size

Valentine Lip Balm

These balms are super easy to create it is basically melt and pour. I like to use Ube for natural color. Use is purple sweet potato and you can usually find it dried in powder form at most natural food shops or online. You can also make them without color or experiment with other natural ingredients such as beet root powder or red hibiscus.

1 /2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup shea butter

1/4 cup grated beeswax

1 teaspoon powdered ube (optional)

lip balm tubes or tins

Place all ingredients in a heat resistant container or bowl. Place in a shallow pan of water on the stovetop and gently heat until all of the oils, butter and wax is melted. Stir well to mix. Pour into empty lip balm tubes or tins. You can also use candy molds for small lotion bars.

yield: 12 ounces - 30 to 40 lip balms depending on size

For more recipes and gift giving ideas -- Look inside my book "Natual Beauty for All Seasons." If you don't have I am happy to send you one just click on the buy book tabs and I will also sign and ship for free - Happy Valentine's Day!!

You are beautiful!!

xoxo Janice

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