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DIY Herbal Lotion Bars


I love to make lotion bars and balms as they really are so easy and you can make them in all shapes and sizes. If you have made lip balms then the process is the exact same. What makes lotion bars so nice is you can use them on your lips but other parts of your body that may need some soothing, healing, softening or protecting. I make my own infused oils which is also a simple process. Simply place some dried (must be dry) herbs in a container and cover with a light natural oil like grapeseed, olive, sesame or sunflower -- really whatever you have. Let it sit for 2 weeks then strain. Here is my basic lotion bar recipe:

Soothing Lotion Bar

1 /4 cu natural oil or herbal infused oil

1 /2 cup beeswax

2 T shea butter or cocoa butter

1 T mango butter or coconut oil

In a heat proof container mix together all the ingredients. In a water bath gently heat until the ingredients are melted and mixed. You may want to give it a stir every now and then. Pour into a clean container. You can purchase tubes or tins or use small jars. You can even use molds such as muffin tins or ice cube trays for small bars. Let cool completely. To use: Run into your skin. Keep in a cool, dry, dark spot and inside a tube or jar.

Yield: 12 ounces

Variations: Add a few drops of a favorite scented oil or essential oil for scent. Add a sprinkle of dried herbs for texture and to identify mixture. Also have fun decorating and labeling your products. I added some fabric to the tops of my tubes and printed labels on my computer.

For more recipes and DIY ideas check look inside "Natural Beauty from the Garden"

"You have nice skin!"

xoxo Janice


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