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Natural Beauty at Home Handbook

Making her own body- and hair-care products — and teaching others to do the same — keeps author Janice Cox busy. It’s something she’s been doing for most of her life, first for fun and to save money, and now as a lifestyle choice. From her Oregon home, she hopes to inspire you to learn something new and to create your own basic body-care products.

Beautiful Lavender

In Beautiful Lavender, you will learn about the varieties of lavender, and the best practices for growing and using different types. Using its many therapeutic benefits, Janice incorporates the lavender plant into recipes for deterring fleas and ticks for pets, making play dough, dream pillows, lavender cookies, tea, lemonade, martinis, and more!

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Beautiful Flowers

These wonderful plants and others like them are all around us. They have become a part of our everyday lives. In Beautiful Flowers, author Janice Cox continues her series of workbooks with a one-of-a-kind guide to finding a healthier, happier, less-stressed you, simply incorporating flowers into your daily routines.

Beautiful Luffa

Beautiful Luffa will change the way you see and use these unique vegetables. So much more than bath scrubbers, luffas can be used as a fiber for sewing, an ingredient in the kitchen, and more!

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