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DIY Sheet Mask

When it comes to beauty trends sheet masks are certainly all the rage,  It is hard to not open a magazine, shop a beauty store or scroll social media without seeing one.  These simple masks are also super easy to make at home and will save you $$ and also you can create reusable masks which also support another cool beauty trend and that is "zero waste"  Here is how to start: 

Trim a piece of natural fabric such as cotton, cheesecloth, or muslin to fit the size of your face, cutting out holes for eyes, nose and mouth.  (You can also use a clean, dry used mask as a pattern). 

Then soak your mask in a natural solution.  I like using rosewater, herbal teas, aloe vera and fruit juice but get creative and also give your skin what it needs.  The purpose of a good sheet mask is to treat and hydrate your skin. 

Relax and then rinse your face or simply pat dry.  (Also rinse and air dry your mask and store in a clean, dry spot for future uses.  I roll mine up in a bit of parchment paper to keep it clean.  These cotton masks also make a nice gift. 

Here is a simple recipe for a calming mask: 

Chamomile Sheet Mask 

For a soothing mask that calms redness.  Use chamomile tea which has anti-inflammatory properties. 


1 /2 cup strong chamomile tea, cooled 

1 teaspoon pure honey 

1 Tablespoon aloe vera gel


Stir together all ingredients.  Soak a cotton mask in the solution.  Wring out your mask and place on clean skin.  Let sit 10-15 minutes. Remove and rinse skin and pat dry. 

Yield: 4 ounces 

Note:  You can soak several masks in this solution and store in your refrigerator in a clean container. 

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