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DIY Bath Salt Bar

I recently hosted a "Garden Beauty Party" at a local nursery and for fun set up a DIY Bath Salt Bar -- It was a huge hit and so easy and everyone got to take home a jar of bath salts they made themselves! and also treat themselves to some self care at home which is always a good thing! Here is how I did it:

I got out all the natural salts I had:

Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Baking soda, Kosher salt.

Salts are really good for boosting circulation & relaxing your muscles they also are rich in healthy minerals our bodies need. Baking soda helps rid your body of toxins.

Then I put out some dried herbs that I had on hand -- this is up to you what you have and also you can use oats, grains, herbal teas really anything you enjoy using in the bath!

I put out rose petals, lavender, oats, parsley, geranium petals, mint leaves & rosemary.

I made a simple sign and then let my guest create! So simple which really aren't those the best ideas -- I think besides a garden party this would be a fun activity for showers, birthday parties or just anytime you get together with a few friends.

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Janice

A “DIY Bath Salt Table” is the perfect w

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