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Bath Mix Envelopes

You may not always want to put your bath salts, mixes and other dry beauty products in jars and an easy thing to do is to make your own "Envelopes" out of recycled paper such as heavy Magazine pages, wrapping paper or greeting cards.

This is simple to do and a great "zero waste" activity that even kids can do. Simply trace an envelope pattern onto a piece of paper. Fold, glue and fill with your favorite bath mixture. I like to put 1/2 of bath salts into mine as then you can just pour the whole thing into the tub.

These packets are perfect for gift giving, travel and having on hand in your own bathroom in a small basket or box. Just make sure you keep them in a dry spot as they are made of paper.

Here is a simple bath mix I like making this time of year.

Soothing Bath Soak

1 /4 cup dried bay leaves

1 /4 cup dried marjoram leaves

1 cup baking soda

2 cups sea salt

Grind the dried herbs in a coffee grinder or food processor until you have a fine green powder. In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients and stir well. Pour 1 /2 cup of the mix into a small jar or bath envelope. Add a label or note to your packet.

Yield: 24 ounces - enough for 6 baths

Have a beautiful day!


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