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Seven Springs, PA Beauty

Hello -- I am home now from my Pennsylvania trip and it was wonderful. I got to visit my daughter in Philadelphia and then drive to the Mother Earth News Fair at the Seven Springs Resort outside of Pittsburgh.

I loved seeing everyone and creating some DIY Beauty products and projects together. My extended workshop was really nice and we even wove our own baskets out of newspaper. I appreciate everyone who came as the project was easy but also challenging and you all ended up with baskets! (Just a few of you may never make them again haha ) Here are the instructions if you missed the fun or were there and can't remember.

Woven Newspaper Basket

This simple basket is a great way to recycle newspaper. For fun, try using foreign newspapers or colored newspaper pages.


13 full sheets of newspaper


White glue

6 to 8 clothes pins


  1. Open up a sheet of newspaper, fold it in half width wise, and continue folding until you have a long 1 by 25 inch strip. (This is usually 8 folds). Repeat until you have 13 strips.

  2. Lay 3 strips side by side and weave 4 strips through them in the middle. Clip the 4 corners with clothes pins to hold the strips in place; this is the base of your basket.

  3. Take 1 strip and weave it over and under the strips all around the edges of the basket, securing it in place with the clothespins. Tape the two ends together; this is the start of the sides of your basket. Continue in the same way with 2 more strips.

  4. For the basket top, place 1 strip around the top of all of the other strips and tuck all the loose ends under or over it. Dab with some white glue to hold everything in place.

  5. For the handle, take 2 strips and wrap one around the other and trim the ends. You may also want to secure the handle together with glue. Slide the handle into the sides of your basket, interweaving it, then tape or glue it in place.

Yield: 1 basket

I also appreciate the support of my newly revised "Natural Beauty for All Seasons" it was so much fun signing copies and also hearing what your favorite recipes were. I know I have said this before but the greatest compliment you can give me is to really use and love my recipes and ideas. Seeing books that are marked up and stained gives me great joy!

You are all beautiful!

My next event is in Topeka, KS at another Mother Earth Fair. Message me if you will be there and we can meet up!

xoxo Janice

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