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Pre- Order "Beautiful Luffa"

I have some exciting news!! My latest book "Beautiful Luffa" is launching at the Texas Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Tx. The Fair is Feb 15-16. It is also shipping soon if you order on the Mother Earth News Magazine site or right here on my site!

I have a special offer on my site just for you!!! The first fifty orders will receive a signed copy of this useful workbook and a packet of Botanical Interest Luffa Seeds to plant in your garden. plus free shipping -- How can you not order!!!

I am super happy how this book turned out! The luffa is a super versatile and sustainable plant. In this new book you will learn everything you need to know about planting, growing, harvesting and using luffas for bath and body products and food. Plus it is an amazing natural material to craft with. The book is "workbook" style so there are place for you to make notes, keep track of sources and garden plans right inside the book.

xoxo You are beautiful and so is Luffa!!


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