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Create your own vision for 2021

Happy New Year - 2020 definitely gave us lots of things to think about - we lived a little smaller and slower and as I look forward to 2021 and the year ahead I realize that there were silver linings to 2020. We learned to ask for help if we needed it and help those that asked us for help. We were all a bit more emotional, sometimes feeling all the emotions in a single day! We also learned to be more grateful for friends, home, family and just what we had in general. Each year in January I like to create a "vision board" this year I feel the exercise is even more important.

Vision boards, action boards, motivational photo collages are not a new concept in fact they are something many of you also do. They give you a chance to reflect on our goals and dreams moving forward. I like to cut out images from magazines, that catch my eye and also mean something to me -- for example I want to grow more flowers this year so of course I am clipping floral photos. My daughter wants to learn to bake bread so for her the perfect loaf of sourdough is on her board. You also can just write a list, draw photos, or keep notes in your phone. However you want to organize your thoughts, goals or dreams. I post my board in my office where I can look at it when I need inspiration. I hope you try this exercise. I know that there is no scientific proof that creating these boards will cause action but I do know that focusing on your dreams and goals will make them a reality. "If you can dream it you can do it."

Here's to a beautiful and positive 2021!




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