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It's Lavender Season!

Hello and Happy Summer - I have just gotten back from beautiful Yolo county and my friend Sherri Woods Lavender farm: Capay Valley Lavender. If you are in the area please stop in and smell the lavender, Sherri has a beautiful spot and is a special person and FarmHer.

We had a full day of lavender starting with a farm tour, followed by a body care workshop and ending the day with a lovely lavender almond cake made by the pastry chef at Cache Creek Resort & Casino. (I need the recipe.)

I am home now and my own lavender is in bloom. I am harvesting my culinary lavender today and we are having especially hot weather which actually is a positive as it will dry my flowers super fast and their color will stay nice and dark. Remember to store your dried herbs and flowers in a dark, dry spot for the best scent and color.

Here are a few of the recipes that we made for you to enjoy at home. I am off next week to Philadelphia for the flower show. I am doing a webinar for The Herb Society of America, July 20 so if you can't make the show in person -- you can sign up and see my photos.

Have a beautiful day and I hope you get a chance to visit a local lavender farm this summer. If you go to the USLGA website you can find one in your local area. Also this year Yolo County is doing a special "Sunflower Bloom Event" which I hope to see.

Lavender Bath Salt Bar

I love the idea of a bath salt bar and is super easy to do and everyone can create their own unique bath soak. I put out bowls of natural salts like Epsom salt, baking soda, & sea salt, oatmeal, dried herbs and lots of lavender. You can fill a jar or natural cotton sack that can be tossed in the bath and used again.

Lavender Vinegar Hair Rinse

Lavender vinegar diluted in water makes a cleansing hair rinse that will improve the condition of your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Lavender is antibacterial and calming to your skin.

1 tablespoon dried lavender or 3 tablespoons fresh lavender buds

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup pure water

In a clean jar or bowl place the lavender and or the vinegar over it. Let sit for several hours or overnight. your vinegar will turn a lovely pink shade. Strain and pour into a clean container. To use as a hair rinse: Add 1 tablespoon of your lavender vinegar to a cup of water. After shampooing your hair pour this rinse over your hair and massage into your scalp. Rinse well with warm water.

Yield 8 ounces

For more lavender recipes and ideas look inside "Beautiful Lavender (Ogden)"

(Also all of these photos were taken by the talented Heather Gwerder - click here for contact info)

You are beautiful!!

xoxo Janice


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