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Natural Beauty Trends for 2021

My mission for the past almost thirty years has been to share my love of "Natural Beauty" with all of you. I love creating and using plant based beauty products. I am also a health and beauty writer so this is the time of year I plan for the year ahead and do a bit of research into what is in store for the future of natural beauty recipes, products and treatments. After the slow and at home pace of 2020 there are definitely some trends I am sure you can all guess will be part of 2021 - Here is my list:

Plant Based Beauty Ingredients and Products

Plant based beauty will go even more main stream and I hope all of you become really good label readers. If we as consumers shop for these products that are healthier and contain less non- natural ingredients there will be more of them. Also trending are products containing the "herb of the year" parsley - Parsley seed oil is a key ingredient in many anti-aging products. You will also see more natural ingredients listed on product labels often times using their botanical name.

Flowers will be even bigger in 2021 than they have been. Flowers make us happy and also fill us up with positive emotions. They are a part of our life and with more people gardening, flower farming and buying flowers they will be everywhere. I know I am already starting seeds and planning my garden plot to include more flowers. One of the flowers that you will see a lot of is Sunflowers. They are the flower of the year and just fun to grow. Sunflowers are also a key beauty ingredient you can use the seeds, petals, and oil in body care products.

Natural Hair and Scalp Care will be practiced even more in 2021. We all embraced our natural look and many of you grew out your hairstyles, stopped using hair color and even let your natural curls and waves break free. This is the year when we embrace what we were born with and use less styling products and heated tools. It is also the year where we blur the lines between haircare and skincare. I always say your scalp is part of your complexion. Keeping your scalp clean and clear will also keep your hair healthy and help promote growth.

*Back to Basic skin care will become a trend again. Things really do come full circle and with more of us wearing masks and less makeup but wanting look good for our online meetings. Having a glowing complexion will be a trend. Go back to washing your face with a simple cleanser and one of your most powerful beauty tools is a cotton washcloth. Never go to bed with a dirty face and use a soothing face spray after cleansing. I make a simple one using water, witch hazel, a few drops of natural oil and some vegetable glycerin.

Probiotic skin care will also be more of a trend with products popping up to keep our skin in balance and treat your Microbiome. Your microbiome is a system of living microorganisms on our skin - crazy to think about but they are what protect us and keep us healthy - keeping it in balance is important. I feel we are going to see even more products aimed at this part of our bodies and as a natural skin care trend.

Pandemic body care trends will still be a part of 2021 -- Antibacterial soaps, scented sanitizers, "Macne" treatments (mask acne) that will be cleansing and soothing. Blue light protection since we are on our computers more and products to make you look good on a zoom call. Many of the trends of how we lived in 2020 may be here to stay so we need to adapt our body care routines too. Also lots of bath products they really help with stress reduction and sleep.

Natural Beauty Trends for 2021 - more baths

I think that is all for now as if I make this too long you will probably stop reading. Let me know your thoughts and what you see happening this year. Also keep sending those recipes and DIY products you are creating. You are all beautiful and that is a trend that will continue!!

xoxo Janice


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