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Pumice - Ancient Stone for Modern Beauty

Natural pumice stones

I grew up in Southern Oregon where there was at one time volcanic activity. We could always find pumice stones on hikes or around our property. Pumice is created when super heated rock is thrown from a volcano during eruption. Today your best place to find all natural pumice stones is at your local drug or natural food store. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I like the natural stone shapes but you can also find ones with wooden handles or shaped like a bar of soap.

In ancient Egypt pumice stones were used to remove unwanted hair or skin from the body. Pumice in powdered form was an ingredient in toothpastes in ancient Rome. Today you may still find it used in some brands but I would not recommend. Nail care was very important in ancient China and long nails were often kept groomed and smooth with pumice stones. Today many of these ancient practices have evolved but using an all natural pumice stone to remove rough skin and calluses is still the preferred method - especially when giving yourself an at home pedicure.

Here is an easy Foot scrub to create yourself using ground pumice.

Pumice Scrub for the Feet

This is an excellent scrub for removing tough, dead skin from your feet. If you do not wish to take a hammer to your pumice stone, clean beach sand can be substituted for the ground pumice. Do not use this scrub on your face or body as it could damage delicate skin.

1 tablespoon ground pumice powder

2 tablespoons of your favorite cream or natural oil

To make ground pumice powder: Take a clean pumice stone and place it in a heavy resealable storage bag. With a hammer, gently pound the stone until the pieces resemble coarsely ground pepper or beach sand. Mix the pumice powder and cream into a smooth paste. To use: Massage the pumice scrub ream into your feet, giving special attention to your heels. Wash the scrub completely from your feet. I sometimes apply before taking a shower, but be careful as your feet will be slippery so you may want to stand on a towel. Afterward, apply more rich cream or natural oil to your feet. Store any leftover scrub in a clean jar with a tight fitting lid.

Yield: 1 ounce

Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Janice


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