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Mother Earth News Fair Asheville, NC

What a wonderful time I had this year in Asheville. The weather was perfect for the Mother Earth News Fair and there were so many new speakers, booths and demonstrations. I learned how to make non-dairy cheese, paper from Kudzu, mead and why alpacas hum.

I also got to share my passion for garden plants and how to use them for health and beauty. I also gave a talk on lavender one of my favorite useful herbs and made scented natural play dough with the kids at the fair. It amazes me what they come up with, using such simple materials.

I was lucky to also get to explore Asheville a bit more. I love The Biltmore Estate and could just live in their greenhouse! I also always have to do the home tour as the fresh flower arrangements in every room are just stunning. I treated myself to the "high tea" at the Biltmore Inn and would recommend if you are a tea lover or just want a beautiful place to relax with an amazing view!

I also did my first "pop-up" dinner party with the proceeds going to a local non-profit. It was put on by "The Blind Pig Supper Club" with a Game of Thrones theme. They basically email you that day with the location and menu. It was so much fun and the theories for the season finale are crazy! I really am not sure anyone really knows what is going to happen. I am just glad Brienne is still alive! (She is my favorite and I even have a bath named after her in my book, Natural Beauty from the Garden.)

Here are some photos from my time in North Carolina. The next fair I am speaking at is in Frederick, Maryland June 1-2 -- passes are still available online at Mother Earth News Fair.

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12 thg 7, 2019

I have to make it to Asheville next year so I can see all this!

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