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Save your Avocado Stones!

Don't discard the avocado pit or "stone" when cooking in your kitchen. It is rich in the same conditioning ingredient and oils that the fruit contains, and is helpful in removing dead, flaky skin from your body. Simply smash or rind u p the fresh stones to use them on their own, or add them to your favorite cleanser for an invigorating all-over body scrub.


Place the cleaned avocado stones inside a clean washcloth or plastic bag. With a small hammer or mallet, crush the stones into pieces about the size or peas. Spread the crushed stones out on a clean plate or cookie sheet, and allow to dry for a few days. They'll turn a reddish-pink color. When dry, grind the stones into a fine scrub (about the size of coffee grounds) using a food processor or coffee grinder. Again, spread the scrubbing grains out on a plate or cookie sheet and allow to dry completely. Store the scrub in a clean, airtight container. To use, add a bit of ground avocado stone to your favorite cream or liquid cleanser, and massage into your face, or body to remove dead, flaky skin.

For more healthy and easy DIY skin cleansers check out the August/September 2020 Issue of Mother Earth News Magazine.

Also more DIY Beauty recipes using fresh fruits and vegetables can be found in my book "Natural Beauty for All Season"

You are beautiful!!!

xoxo Janice

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