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Natural Beauty with Flowers

Spring is here and the world is fragrant, fresh and green and Flowers are everywhere. Fresh blooms are the perfect addition to romantic baths, rich creams and lotions and scented colognes. Flowers are classic beauty ingredients not only for their scent but also for their well known skin soothing properties. Hollyhocks, lilac and geranium all have antiseptic properties and can be used to keep your skin fresh and clear. Lilly of the valley and violets cool skin and reduce inflammation. Calendula, honeysuckle and lavender all promotes healing. Here are a few floral recipes from "Natural Beauty from the Garden" Enjoy!

Geranium Hair Rinse

The sweet scented leaves of the geranium plant can be used to brew up a hair rinse that will give your hair natural luster and shine. It is as simple to make as a cup of tea and used weekly will keep your tresses clean and full of bounce. Geranium oil is also used in many natural products because of its germ killing properties and is often used to heal cuts. You may use a few drops of the essential oil to this recipe to also calm an itchy scalp.


1 cup geranium leaves, slightly crushed

2 cups boiling water

2-3 drops essential oil of geranium (optional)


Place leaves in a glass or ceramic bowl and pour boiling water over them. Let steep until cool, then strain. Pour the liquid into a clean container and add the essential oil if you like. To use: After shampooing and conditioning, pour this rinse over your hair. Leave rinse in; dry and style your hair as you normally would.

Yield: 16 ounces

Violet Cleansing Cream

When you see the violets bloom you know that spring is here. Violet flowers are cool, moist, and soothing to your skin. They can be added to facial steams, used as a mouth rinse, or added to perfumes. They give this cleansing cream a wonderful delicate fragrance. If you do not have access to fresh violets you may substitute a few drops of violet extract or scented violet oil in this recipe.


1 Tablespoon coconut oil

1 /2 cup sweet almond oil

1 /4 cup water

1-2 teaspoons violet flowers


Mix together the oils in a heat resistant container. Heat until just melted and the oil is warm. In a separate container, mix together the violets and water. Heat this solution until just boiling. Pour the heated oil mixture into a blender and turn the blender on low. Slowly add the hot violet infusion and continue to blend. You will have pale lavender colored lotion. Let your cleansing lotion cool completely then pour it into a clean container. To use: Massage into your skin and rinse well with warm water.

Yield: 4 ounces

Elder Flower Toner

Elderberry trees often grow wild along country roads. You can pick the creamy white flowers to enjoy their delicate scent and make your own facial toner. Elder flowers have a refining effect on the skin and are useful in many facial skin care products, such as toners, eye creams, and moisturizers.


1 /2 cup fresh elderflowers

1 /2 cup witch hazel

1 /2 cup water


Place the witch hazel and elder flowers into a clean jar and let sit for one to two weeks. Strain off all solids and add the water. Pour into clean container. To use: Apply to your skin with a clean cotton ball or pad after cleansing.

Yield: 6 ounces

Have a beautiful day!

xox Janice


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