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Benefits of DIY Beauty

Hello 2020 -- This is the year of clear vision and a whole new decade. It is also the time to take an audit of your skin care routines and the products you are using.

There are so many products out there that are really good for your skin and the planet. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to find them at your local store but it is worth it. You can also create a number of products and treatments yourself at home. One use treatments like hair conditioning packs, facial masks, skin scrubs and bath soaks are super easy. This is one reason I am a huge DIY Beauty fan. Not only does it save you a ton of $$ and put you in control of the ingredients you are using on your skin and hair. It also makes you a better consumer.

You will become a "Label reader" as no one wants to spend $40 on table salt and that is what a lot of commercial bath salts are. I also hope you look at the way your products are packaged. There are some really good eco-friendly choices. There are also some really bad ones that use a lot of resources and leave us with packaging waste that is not good for the environment. If you DIY you usually reuse and recycle ingredients and containers with very little waste.

So this year when you are shopping or creating,

be mindful of the products you are using and if you want a good DIY recipe - I have them for you !

You are beautiful !!

xoxo Janice

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