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Happy Holidays

However you celebrate this is the time of year that we wrap up not only presents for each other but also the year. I know 2020 was not the year any of us planned or wished for. I know we have all had a few good moments, a lot of pretty boring moments and some real downer stuff. The good news is we got through it ! and together too. This past month I have had to really focus on crafting which also helps relieve stress and anxiety -- it also produces some great and easy gifts. If you are still scrambling for a few ideas or stocking stuffers. Look through my books or blog posts as my goal has always been to teach you all how to create amazing and effective body care products with what you already have on hand at home!

Mix up a bath salt, infuse some oils, package up your flower seeds and share them with the ones you love. My neighbor just popped by with some "lavender spray" she made and was thrilled when I gave her a small jar of honey from my bees and a few lavender sachets -- we could not hug but sharing things we loved and a few funny stories was worth it. I think that is what we are missing most this year is connecting with each other. I do know soon we will be all back together and I hope we remember how much we missed that.

I learned to create some video content this year and even tho I am not a professional it was fun connecting with all of you and I truly appreciate the support !! I am not sure if I will do more of that next year but it is a new skill I am happy to have. Please feel free to message me with how you are doing or any new recipes you have come up with or ones of mine you enjoy. Together we are a "DIY Beauty & Plant lover" community and I love that!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Winter Wishes, Peace, Joy, Love & Hope


You are all beautiful!!!

xoxo Janice


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